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Trinity Apothecary is a full service long-term care pharmacy provider that services assisted living and similar communities. Trinity Apothecary services many assisted living communities in Texas which include Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Austin and many more.
Mon - Fri: 9AM - 6PM Emergency Orders On Call 24/7
Main: (972) 492 - 2151 Fax: (972) 492 - 6437
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Compliance Packaging


  • On-demand bubble/blister packs in 30-day punch cards

    Complete offering of packagings

  • Cycle-filled bubble/blister packs
  • Multi-dose strip packaging
  • Traditional vials

Strip Packaging:

  • Strip Pack is a compliance packaging system similar to bubble pack only better!
  • Multiple medications for a specific time and date packaged in a single pouch

Strip Packaging

Strip Packaging


  • Time: Constant reordering not required
  • Time: Punching and pouring in a cup not required
  • Safety: Independent studies show multi-dose strip packs to be the safest system available today.

Opening hours

Monday 9AM - 6PM
Tuesday 9AM - 6PM
Wednesday 9AM - 6PM
Thursday 9AM - 6PM
Friday 9AM - 6PM
Saturday Closed
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