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Trinity Apothecary is a full service long-term care pharmacy provider that services assisted living and similar communities. Trinity Apothecary services many assisted living communities in Texas which include Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Austin and many more.
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In late 2008, Meridian Health Systems, a nonprofit that owns and operates six hospitals in southern New Jersey, hired a new pharmacy benefits management (PBM) company to help reduce the surging medication costs for its 12,000 employees and their families. Express Scripts, which has since become the largest PBM in the country, projected that it would slice at least $763,000 from Meridian’s $12 million in annual drug spending. But just three months into the contract, Meridian discovered that its bills were soaring, on pace to balloon by $1.3 million in 2009. Express Scripts insisted that, in reality, Meridian was saving money. Robert

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Independent pharmacies should have the same rights has the national chains. Currently independent pharmacies are not able to be part of an insurance plan's preferred network. Sign this petition to help change this! Thank you for your help. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/create-level-playing-field-independent-pharmacies-stop-pbm-harassment-save-small-businesses/XsXYz5Tn